About Martyn Harris and Karate in Cardiff

About Martyn

Sensei at North Cardiff's oldest established Martial Arts Academy

The MHKA started life in August 2002 as the Red Dragon Karate Institute. At that time, Harris sensei was the Welsh Director for the Open Circle Institute, an International Governing Body covering England, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, France and the USA headed by world famous instructors Anthony Blades & Russell Stutely.

The Kaizenkan Karate taught at the school is a synthesis of Harris sensei's 40 year experience of karate and other martial arts. He holds black belts in Shotokan Karate and Okinawan Kempo.

The name "Kaizenkan" tranlsates as "Hall of Continuous Improvement",implying that students should strive for continuous improvement - both as martial artists and as people. The name also implies that the art itself "evolves", continuously improving to ensure that the teachings remain relevant and effective in modern society.

The style makes extensive use of pressure points and other technique enhancers along with 2 person drills in its defensive applications, making the techniques some of the most effective available.

Our founder & Chief Instructor, Martyn Harris Renshi 6th Dan, with over 30 years of Martial Arts experience (including over 25 years teaching) is a senior instructor and black belt examiner. 

He is a dedicated & passionate student of the martial arts and takes his responsibility for his students extremely seriously indeed, caring for them like his own family.

Martyn’s wife, Sensei Emma Harris has been training in karate for 8 years, gaining her 1st dan black belt in 2016. She has trained with several top instructors, including Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, 9th dan, the highest graded westerner to teach in Japan & Okinawa. 

Emma runs the Emma Harris School of Karate which specialises in teaching young children www.karatekidscardiff.com for more info.

Martyn and Emma are also members of The Welsh Martial Arts Association ("WMAA") of which Martyn is the president. The WMAA aims to bring like minded martial artists together irrespective of art or style. Martyn is responsible for technical guidance, grade ratification, instructor training , administration, chairing General & Annual General Meetings, representing the Association at Governing Body events seminars. 

Emma Harris is be responsible for networking, recruitment of members, raising awareness of the benefits of martial arts, research & development, instructor training (in respect of teaching of young children) for more information on the WMAA please e mail welshmartialarts@gmail.com

Martyn is first aid qualified, CRB checked and fully insured.

Martyn Harris Karate Academy Emma & Martyn Harris with Hanshi Patrick Mccarthy 9th dan Martyn Harris Karate Academy Emma & Martyn Harris

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18 August 2024

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