Corporate and work karate classes

Family Class 

The MHKA prides itself on being a family run and family orientated school. Our Saturday morning classes are a great way to have some bonding time, many families attend this class with so much to offer - incredible atmopshere, fitness, self defence all whilst building friendships along the way.

We do recommend that children also train in at least one other class specific to their age group (especially infants for belt promotion and patch purposes). 


Every Saturday 9.45am - 10.45am
Every Saturday Sparring 10.50 -11.20am Pontprennau Primary School 

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Martyn Harris Karate Academy Emma & Martyn Harris

What our customers have to say

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say...

I have known Martyn for many years and would highly recomend seeking him out for instruction. He runs a wonderful group who are highly motivated by their enthusiastic Renshi.It is a pleasure to visit the group who makes everyone welcome and provide support and encouragement. It is a privalidge to be associated with the Martyn Harris Academy, a dojo in which great instruction is recieved in a professional ( but also fun ) manner.Sensei Bernard Downey

At the Princes Trust Fairbridge Programme we have worked in partnership with the Martyn Harris Karate Academy in order to deliver personal development courses to young people between the ages of 16 and 25. Using Martial Arts as a way to help young people develop confidence in themselves has been an extremely effective way of engaging with young people on a multitude of issues that they face. Martyn is extremely professional and has an excellent teaching style that encourages young people from very different backgrounds to develop themselves whilst having fun. Martyn has the ability to tailor his sessions to help our organisation and its young people meet their personal goals.John Dyer Programme Manager Princes Trust

In my line of work in education, I am fortunate regularly to meet brilliant educators from all over the world. Martyn is such an educator. He has an impressive ability to bring the best out of each individual in classes that range dramatically in age, experience and flexibility! He varies and differentiates his training sessions effectively, always makes them practical, memorable and interesting and knows when to encourage and when to challenge his students. Martyn recognises excellent effort - not just excellent performance. He sets high standards for his students and helps them achieve them. 
I recommended Martyn when staff at the International Baccalaureate Assessment Centre wanted some self-defence training. Martyn conducted two well-attended lunchtime sessions in the office that were based on everyday situations, practical, fun and very well appreciated by my colleagues. The techniques he demonstrated were easy for everyone to use and remember. And guess who got to be the crash-test dummy?Richard Penrose, Head of Diploma Programme Assessment
International Baccalaureate Organization (UK) Limited

Syllabus Combinations Seminar

07 October 2017

1-4 PM Pontprennau primary School
Covering all combinations from Orange up to and including Blue belt £20 PP
Open to all grades