Tots and infant karate classes

Tots and infant karate classes

For ages 3 to 7

Tots and Infant classes are taught at the Emma Harris School of Karate( a member of The Welsh Martial Arts Association ).
Classes are available for small children ages 3 to 7. Emma’s approach is to make learning fun. Children improve their hand/eye coordination, memory, focus and listening skills using positive reinforcement, which is ideal for this age. Her system of monthly merit badges & life skills patches is a great way to show little ones that trying hard & good work gets rewards. Her belt ceremonies held three times a year rewards regular attendance, (providing your child has attended sufficient classes).

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Nai Hanchi Kata Series

25 September 2021

Covering all 3 kata
Shodan 11.15 am -12.15 pm
Nidan 1-2 pm
Sandan 2.15-3.15 pm

£10 for each kata pp

Westminster Hall, Cyncoed Methodist