Tots and infant karate classes

Tots and infant karate classes

For ages 3 to 7

Tots and Infant classes are taught at the Emma Harris School of Karate( a member of The Welsh Martial Arts Association ).
Classes are available for small children ages 3 to 7. Emma’s approach is to make learning fun. Children improve their hand/eye coordination, memory, focus and listening skills using positive reinforcement, which is ideal for this age. Her system of monthly merit badges & life skills patches is a great way to show little ones that trying hard & good work gets rewards. Her belt ceremonies held three times a year rewards regular attendance, (providing your child has attended sufficient classes).

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Kusanku & Bassai Kata & Bunkai Seminar

21 September 2019

Bethany Baptist 1-4 pm

These higher grade kata will be covered to ensure we are doing the forms correctly and will cover bunkai too.

We will study each kata for one hour with the final hour on bunkai.

Advanced booking is essential. Your place is only guaranteed once we receive payment, either online or in class by cash or cheque (please make sure that you reference online payments “September Seminar”).

The cost is £20 pp