Live streamed karate classes. Take lessons in your home

Live streamed karate classes

Do you want to try something new from the safety of your own home?
Burn energy, learn a new skill, get moving and make new friends ???

Our home training programme can help you develop valuable skills such as memory, focus, fitness and hand/eye coordination etc. 


Do I need a gi ( karate uniform ) to take part in a live class?

No, you can wear anything loose and comfy eg shorts and t shirt. Whilst many of my existing students wear a uniform, they are not essential for live streamed classes.

However, if you'd like one, the cost is £25 plus p&p

Are live classes safe?

Yes, I have studied karate for 39 years and have been teaching for well over 20 years, doing so online since the coronvauirs lockdown. I am the Chairman of the Welsh Martial Arts Association and am fully insured, as are my students. 

Are classes easy to follow and suitable for a small space?

Yes, the programme is easy to follow. Live sessions include a  warm up and basic karate skills, all of which are fully explained and can be done in a limited space.

How much are classes?

Memberships are £25 pm for once weekly live sessions or £35 pm for unlimted live sessions

What does membership include?

Memberships includes:

  • A 45-60 minute interactive live session/s depending on membership type ( limited or unlimited ).
  • A short 1-2-1 live session. 
  • A weekly video o follow at home via the members area of our website.
  • An optional Friday challenge. 
  • Access to our membership area and Facebook support group
  • 46 weeks tuition 

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, there is no obligation, however fees are paid monthly and partial refunds are not offered.

Can my child have a free trial?

Yes, please contact us at

What time are live session?

  • Mondays 5:30-6:30pm (family class) 
  • Wednesday 5:00-5:45pm (beginners & low grades only)
  • Thursday 6:00-6:45pm (beginners & low grades only) 
  • Saturday10:00-11:00am (family class)

How do I access a live session and weekly recorded sessions?

We email the weekly login codes for all platforms on Monday mornings 



Parents and children enjoying a live streamed karate lesson Teenagers enjoying a live streamed karate lesson Karate classes at home Live streamed Karate Class

For more information call or email: 07714 418209


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